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Limerick Teachers' Association Calls for War Bonus Amid Rising Living Costs |

Limerick Teachers’ Association Calls for War Bonus Amid Rising Living Costs

At a special meeting convened by the Limerick Teachers’ Association, a unanimous resolution was adopted, reflecting the growing concern among educators regarding the escalating cost of living. The resolution asserts the urgent need for a war bonus to alleviate the financial strain faced by National Teachers, whose fixed incomes are increasingly eroded by inflationary pressures.

The resolution highlights the disparity between the fixed incomes of National Teachers and the recent awarding of war bonuses to civil servants. It argues that, as declared by the present Chief Secretary, National Teachers are indeed civil servants and thus deserving of similar recognition amidst prevailing economic challenges.

Moreover, the resolution emphasizes the broader context wherein employees across various sectors have been granted war bonuses, underscoring the apparent oversight of National Teachers’ claims during this critical period. Given that National Teachers’ salaries are significantly lower than those of their counterparts in England and Scotland, and that they were already inadequate prior to the onset of wartime conditions, the purchasing power of their incomes has diminished by a staggering 40 percent.

In light of these stark realities, the Limerick Teachers’ Association asserts that National Teachers represent a particularly vulnerable demographic disproportionately affected by the financial strains imposed by wartime conditions. Consequently, the resolution demands the prompt recognition of their just and reasonable claim to a war bonus.

To advance their cause, the Association has resolved to send a delegation to the upcoming meeting of the Limerick County Council scheduled for the 31st, seeking support from local authorities in championing their demand. Additionally, teachers are expected to engage with their local County Councillors to garner further backing for their cause ahead of the council meeting.

The resolution underscores the collective determination of the Limerick Teachers’ Association to address the pressing needs of its members and to advocate for fair treatment amidst the economic challenges wrought by wartime conditions. As educators continue to play an invaluable role in shaping the future of society, their welfare, and well-being remain paramount considerations deserving of due recognition and support.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 23 September 1916

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