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Tragic Cycling Accident Claims Constabulary Sergeant's Life in County Limerick |

Tragic Cycling Accident Claims Constabulary Sergeant’s Life in County Limerick

COUNTY LIMERICK – A sombre air enveloped the community following a tragic cycling accident that occurred on Tuesday night near Bridge, a short distance from Rathkeale. The victim of this heart-wrenching incident was identified as Sergeant Barrett of the Royal Irish Constabulary stationed in Rathkeale.

Sergeant Barrett, returning from the races at Newbridge, was accompanied by Barrett and Clogheesy, who were cycling ahead of him by about 50 yards. As they approached a bend in the road, tragedy struck.

The details of the accident remain under investigation, but it is reported that Sergeant Barrett encountered an obstacle lying on the side of the road, leading to the fatal outcome.

The news of Sergeant Barrett’s untimely demise has cast a pall over the local community, prompting an outpouring of condolences and sympathy for his family, friends, and colleagues.

The Royal Irish Constabulary, as well as the broader community, mourns the loss of Sergeant Barrett, a dedicated member of the force whose life was cut short in a tragic turn of events. As investigations into the circumstances surrounding the accident continue, the community unites in grief, remembering Sergeant Barrett for his service and commitment to duty.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 18 August 1916

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