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Knackers Not Wanted: Irish National League Meeting in Limerick: Resolute Opposition to Partition and Conscription |

Knackers Not Wanted: Irish National League Meeting in Limerick: Resolute Opposition to Partition and Conscription

A palpable sense of determination permeated the atmosphere at the recent Irish National League (I.N.L.) meeting in Limerick, where attendees fervently voiced their opposition to the policy of partition and the looming spectre of conscription. Chaired by Mr O’Callaghan, S.C., the gathering saw impassioned speeches and the adoption of resolutions reflecting the collective resolve of the attendees.

Mr O’Mara set the tone for the meeting by emphasizing the nascent yet promising nature of the movement. He unequivocally declared that individuals aligned with divisive agendas, colloquially referred to as “knackers,” were not welcome. In scathing remarks directed towards John Redmond and his party, he condemned their role in perpetuating division and advocated for their withdrawal from public life.

The sentiments expressed by Mr O’Mara were echoed by Mr F. J. O’Connor of Omagh, who lambasted the leadership of the so-called Irish Party for their alleged complicity in a treacherous agreement to facilitate the partition of Ireland. He emphasized the loss of confidence in John Redmond and his party, asserting that they no longer represented the aspirations of the Irish nation.

In a stirring address, Mr L. Gunnell, MP.., emphasized the urgency of resisting both partition and conscription. He decried the perceived betrayal by certain Members of Parliament and advocated for their immediate removal if found wanting in their allegiance to the national cause. Mr Gunnell also highlighted the insidious nature of partition, portraying it as a ploy orchestrated by Lloyd George to undermine Home Rule.

A recurring theme throughout the meeting was the assertion of grassroots control over the national movement. Speakers underscored the need to wrest power away from entrenched political elites and ensure that elected representatives remained accountable to the people they purported to serve. The adoption of resolutions reflecting these sentiments marked a significant step towards asserting the autonomy of the Irish National League.

In a display of solidarity, letters of apology from various dignitaries, including Reverend J. Gleason and Reverend A. Clancy, underscored the widespread support for the League’s objectives. Their absence did little to diminish the fervour of the proceedings, serving instead as a testament to the depth of commitment among its supporters.

Mr P. Hoctor’s remarks in a recent interview further underscored the prevailing sentiment against partition and conscription. His unequivocal rejection of any alliance that would compromise Ireland’s future resonated with the broader ethos of the meeting, reinforcing the resolve to resist external pressures and assert Ireland’s autonomy.

As the meeting concluded, attendees departed with a renewed sense of purpose, buoyed by the collective determination to safeguard Ireland’s unity and sovereignty. The resounding message emanating from Limerick echoed across the nation, serving as a rallying cry for all those committed to the cause of Irish independence.

Irish Independent – Tuesday 03 October 1916

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