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Warning Against Partition: Thomas Sexton's Stirring Address in Limerick |

Warning Against Partition: Thomas Sexton’s Stirring Address in Limerick

At a spirited open-air gathering in Limerick, Mr Thomas Sexton delivered a resolute message, denouncing the divisive policy of partition with remarkable clarity. Presided over by Mr M. O’Callaghan, Borough Councillor, the meeting resonated with fervent support as Mr Sexton’s letter, addressed to Alderman Stephen O’Mara, was read aloud, capturing the attention of the assembled crowd.

In his letter, Mr Sexton articulated a sentiment echoed by many: the urgent need to address the erosion of public confidence in constitutional action. He underscored the imperative of confronting the spectre of partition, or what he aptly termed “vivisection,” with unwavering resolve.

Mr Sexton acknowledged the inevitability of differing opinions on matters of organizational detail. However, he emphasized the overarching consensus articulated in Alderman O’Mara’s letter: that decisive action is imperative to instil renewed faith in the constitutional process.

The gravity of the situation lay in the persistent threat posed by the looming prospect of partition. Despite hopes that this divisive scheme would fade into obscurity, Mr Sexton warned that indications point to its imminent revival. His words carried a weight of conviction as he cautioned against complacency in the face of this looming threat.

The resurgence of partitionist sentiments, Mr Sexton argued, must not be met with apathy or resignation. Rather, it demands a concerted and resolute response from all who cherish the unity and integrity of Ireland. The stakes are clear: failure to confront this challenge head-on risks entrenching division and jeopardizing the hard-won progress towards national unity.

Mr Sexton’s address serves as a rallying cry for vigilance and action. It calls upon Irishmen and women to unite in defence of their shared heritage and aspirations. Only through collective determination can the insidious spectre of partition be thwarted, ensuring a future where the principles of unity and solidarity prevail.

As Mr Sexton’s words reverberate across Limerick and beyond, they serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle to safeguard Ireland’s national identity and sovereignty. The path forward may be fraught with challenges, but with steadfast resolve and unity of purpose, the vision of a united and prosperous Ireland can be realized.

Irish Independent – Monday 02 October 1916

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