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Cappamore Pensions Committee Extends Sympathy |

Cappamore Pensions Committee Extends Sympathy

The Cappamore Sub-Committee of the County Limerick Local Pensions Committee has expressed heartfelt sympathy towards Canon White 801 l, a member of the committee, following the tragic loss of his son, Captain Bell, who was killed in action.

In a demonstration of solidarity and support, the committee convened to formally convey their condolences to Canon White during this time of profound grief. Captain Bell’s sacrifice in service to his country is deeply mourned by the community, and the committee’s gesture of sympathy reflects the shared sorrow felt by all.

As they honour the memory of Captain Bell, the committee stands united in offering solace and support to Canon White and his family during this difficult period. Their thoughts and prayers are with them as they navigate through the pain of their loss.

Evening Irish Times – Wednesday 01 November 1916

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