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Potato Supply Crisis Grips Limerick: Calls for Action to Avert Famine |

Potato Supply Crisis Grips Limerick: Calls for Action to Avert Famine

A grave concern regarding the availability of potatoes for the Limerick Workhouse was unveiled during Wednesday’s meeting of the Guardians. The contracted supplier delivered alarming news, stating his inability to procure potatoes for the Union due to extensive purchases by the Army. Consequently, he pleaded to be relieved from his contractual obligations.

Mr Donnellan, addressing the assembly, emphasized the severity of the situation at hand. He highlighted the precarious state of the potato crop, expressing deep concern over its condition. Furthermore, he revealed that parties representing London agencies were aggressively purchasing and transporting potatoes from Limerick, Roscommon, Galway, and other regions.

Fearing an impending famine in Limerick, Mr Donnellan urged immediate action to curb the exportation of potatoes. The Guardians, after deliberation, voted against cancelling Mr Casey’s contract. However, they agreed to request the intervention of the Local Government Board to grant him a 50% loss allowance.

In addition to addressing the immediate crisis, the Guardians unanimously adopted a resolution expressing apprehension and anxiety over the severe scarcity of potatoes. They condemned the exportation of potatoes, recognizing its exacerbating effect on the plight of the poor. The resolution called upon Public Bodies nationwide to take decisive action, including advisement, restriction, and, if necessary, legislative enforcement to compel agricultural landlords to prioritize the cultivation of potatoes and wheat.

The resolution underscored the urgency of collective efforts to safeguard against a potential food shortage in the foreseeable future. As Limerick grapples with the imminent threat of famine, the call for proactive measures resonates across the region, emphasizing the imperative of securing vital food supplies for the community’s well-being.

General Advertiser for Dublin, and all Ireland – Saturday 04 November 1916

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