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Realm Act Charge Against Limerick Co. Board Secretary |

Realm Act Charge Against Limerick Co. Board Secretary

At the Pallas, Co. Limerick, Petty Sessions on Tuesday, a case of significance unfolded as James Ryan, Secretary to the Limerick Co. Board, G.A.A., faced charges under the Defence of the Realm Act. The accusation pertained to obstructing two police constables in the discharge of their duties by denying them entry to a field in Pallas where a hurling match was underway the previous Sunday.

District-Inspector McGettrick, representing the prosecution, indicated that an adjournment might be sought to allow the accused to engage legal representation. He clarified the legal procedure, stating that while local magistrates lacked the authority to grant bail, they could adjourn the case or commit the accused to custody. The decision to accept bail rested with the Resident Magistrate.

The Chairman, Mr St. George, expressed surprise at this clarification, indicating a curiosity about the legal process. District-Inspector McGettrick emphasized the limitations of local magistrates regarding bail decisions and proceeded to outline the facts of the case, which the Chairman declined to hear due to the potential adjournment.

Subsequently, the accused formally requested an adjournment of the proceedings to the next Petty Sessions, which was granted. Bail was set at £50, with the defendant required to provide two sureties of £50 each for his release pending further legal proceedings.

This development underscores the seriousness of charges brought under the Defence of the Realm Act and highlights the procedural intricacies involved in such cases. The adjournment allows for adequate time for the accused to prepare their defence, ensuring a fair and just resolution to the matter.

In a separate note, angling enthusiasts may find interest in forthcoming updates on angling-related activities and developments in the region.

Sport (Dublin) – Saturday 18 November 1916

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