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Limerick Faces Railway Worker Wage Dispute |

Limerick Faces Railway Worker Wage Dispute

Limerick, Monday – The ongoing dispute between engine drivers and other employees of the W. & S. Railway Co. regarding demanded wage increases is stirring unease in commercial circles across Limerick. In response, both the Chamber of Commerce and the Limerick Corporation have scheduled meetings this week to address the potential ramifications of the situation.

Today, it has been reported that notices were issued indicating a cessation of work at midnight on the upcoming date unless the demands for wage increases are met. There is a prevailing hope that this dispute can be resolved amicably, particularly given the current state of affairs in the country. It is anticipated that the government may intervene to prevent any disruption to railway traffic, recognizing the critical importance of maintaining transportation infrastructure amidst broader economic concerns.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 12 December 1916

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