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Woman Imprisoned for Fifth Consecutive Christmas |

Woman Imprisoned for Fifth Consecutive Christmas

Bridget M. Sherry faced charges of maliciously smashing a plate-glass window on the property of Patrick Feeley in Carrick-on-Shannon on November 23rd. The prosecution’s evidence revealed that Sherry had entered Feeley’s licensed premises and, after behaving disorderly, was instructed to leave. However, she returned within ten to fifteen minutes and proceeded to smash a plate-glass window valued at £6.

The jury found Sherry guilty of the offence, and upon arraignment, she pleaded guilty to previous convictions of theft in Limerick and malicious damage in Carrick-on-Shannon. With a total of six previous convictions against her, Sherry’s criminal history was characterized by persistence in wrongdoing.

In sentencing Sherry to six months’ imprisonment, the presiding judge remarked on the habitual nature of her criminal behaviour. This ruling means that Sherry will spend her fifth successive Christmas behind bars.

This case serves as a sobering reminder of the consequences of repeated criminal activity and the impact it has on both individuals and communities. As Sherry faces the prospect of spending yet another holiday season incarcerated, it underscores the importance of rehabilitation efforts and support mechanisms to break the cycle of recidivism.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 06 December 1916

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