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Local Efforts Urged by Lord Monteagle for Food Production Conference |

Local Efforts Urged by Lord Monteagle for Food Production Conference

Lord Monteagle, in correspondence addressed to Limerick newspapers concerning the forthcoming conference on food production between the County Council and the Corporation, emphasized the critical need for immediate local action in organising agricultural efforts. While acknowledging the role of the government in issues such as the supply of seed and price regulation, Lord Monteagle stressed the urgency of local initiatives in tackling the pressing challenges of food production.

Central to Lord Monteagle’s proposal is the imperative for a comprehensive survey of available land—a fundamental prerequisite for effective planning and cultivation, particularly with the imminent approach of winter. Recognising the potential delays inherent in governmental surveys, Lord Monteagle advocated for localised assessments conducted by experienced individuals within each parish, under a unified central control.

Lord Monteagle outlined a practical approach whereby representatives from all sectors of society—landlords, farmers, and labourers—would convene in every parish to deliberate on food requirements and assess the available land suitable for cultivation. The responsibility for food production would then be distributed across all land occupiers within the parish, ensuring a collective effort towards self-sufficiency.

Highlighting the significance of cooperative societies, Lord Monteagle underscored their pivotal role in spearheading local food production initiatives. With nearly every parish boasting the presence of such societies, Lord Monteagle envisioned them taking the lead in organising agricultural activities at the grassroots level.

The overarching goal, as articulated by Lord Monteagle, is the attainment of local self-sufficiency in food production, with surplus yields contributing to urban centres. While acknowledging the challenges posed by certain crops such as wheat, Lord Monteagle emphasised the importance of concerted efforts to maximise local resources for the benefit of the broader community.

Furthermore, Lord Monteagle envisaged that the effective organisation of local resources would serve as a compelling catalyst for governmental support, thereby facilitating a harmonised partnership between local and national authorities in addressing the exigencies of food production.

In conclusion, Lord Monteagle’s call for immediate local action underscores the imperative for proactive measures in the face of mounting challenges to food security. By advocating for grassroots initiatives under centralised coordination, Lord Monteagle articulates a pragmatic approach towards mitigating the looming crisis and fostering resilience within local communities.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 01 January 1917

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