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Limerick Hall Inauguration Celebrates Irish Resilience |

Limerick Hall Inauguration Celebrates Irish Resilience

In a momentous ceremony held in Doon, County Limerick, the unveiling of the new Remotion Hall for members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (A.O.H.) was met with great acclaim and fervour. Distinguished guests, including Mr T. London, a Member of Parliament, and the esteemed Limerick City High Sheriff, Mr T. S. Lawler, graced the occasion, lending their voices to the celebration of Irish fortitude.

Under the adept guidance of Mr W. B. Morris, President of the Done Division, the proceedings unfolded seamlessly, fostering an atmosphere charged with patriotic ardour. Mr Lawler, in his eloquent address, lauded the significance of the newly inaugurated hall, attributing it as a poignant emblem of Irish resilience and strength of character. He echoed sentiments of allegiance to the constitutional path championed by Mr Redmond and the Irish Party, underscoring its enduring relevance in shaping the nation’s destiny.

Seizing the podium, Mr T. London, MP, commended Mr Lawler for his steadfast dedication to the Nationalist cause, portraying him as an exemplar of unwavering commitment. He celebrated the triumphs of the Irish Party over adversities, envisioning a future where sectarian divides would dissipate, paving the way for a unified Ireland. Mr London’s vision embraced a narrative of cohesion and harmony, echoing the sentiments of unity that resonated throughout the gathering.

Gratitude flowed towards Very Reverend Finny, P.P., Doon, whose instrumental contributions to the hall’s establishment were duly acknowledged, emblematic of the collective effort that brought the project to fruition.

The inauguration ceremony stood as a testament to the resilience and unity ingrained within the Irish psyche, encapsulating a shared determination towards a future steeped in national prosperity and solidarity.

Freeman’s Journal – Friday 05 January 1917

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