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Limerick Welcomes Rangers, Belfast Prepares for Canadians |

Limerick Welcomes Rangers, Belfast Prepares for Canadians

LIMERICK – Lord Dunraven, and the Mayor of Limerick are coordinating a reception to welcome the Rangers as they make their anticipated visit to the city. The forthcoming event marks a significant moment of hospitality and camaraderie, showcasing the warm reception awaiting the esteemed guests upon their arrival.

In a gesture of hospitality and goodwill, the city of Limerick eagerly awaits the arrival of the Rangers. Lord Dunraven, accompanied by the Mayor, is orchestrating a reception to extend a cordial welcome to the esteemed visitors. The event signifies the city’s commitment to fostering positive relations and celebrating cultural exchange.

Meanwhile, in Belfast, preparations are in full swing for the imminent arrival of the Canadians. Set to arrive on Sunday, the 11th, the Canadians will be greeted with open arms and offered accommodation at Victoria Barracks. The anticipation is palpable as the city gears up to host the distinguished guests.

Upon their arrival, the Canadians will be treated to a sacred concert, adding a touch of solemnity and reverence to their visit. Furthermore, a series of engaging activities await the visitors, including a route march through the city and an entertainment program arranged by a dedicated Reception Committee at the prestigious Ulster Hall.

In a gesture of official hospitality, the Lord Mayor-designate, Mr J. Johnston, J.P., will host a luncheon at the City Hall, extending a warm welcome to the officers and esteemed guests. This luncheon serves as an opportunity to strengthen bonds and foster goodwill between the visiting Canadians and the local community.

The coordinated efforts in Limerick and Belfast underscore the spirit of hospitality and friendship prevalent across Ireland. Such initiatives not only promote cultural exchange but also foster lasting bonds of camaraderie between nations, embodying the values of mutual respect and understanding.

As both cities prepare to extend their hospitality to the Rangers and Canadians respectively, the stage is set for memorable encounters and meaningful interactions, symbolizing the enduring spirit of unity and goodwill.

Irish Independent – Friday 12 January 1917

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