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New Archbishop Hails from Limerick |

New Archbishop Hails from Limerick

The Catholic Church’s hierarchy underwent a significant transition with the passing of the Most Reverend Dr Robert Dunne, the Archbishop of Brisbane. Dr Dunne, whose tenure saw profound developments in ecclesiastical matters, has left a notable legacy. His successor, appointed by the Most Reverend Dr James Duhig, is the Most Reverend Dr James Duhig, a man hailing from the quaint town of Woodford in County Limerick, Ireland.

Born in 1871, the new Archbishop’s journey into the clerical ranks commenced at the venerable Irish College in Rome. He embarked on his pastoral voyage in 1898, undertaking missionary work in the distant lands of New Zealand. His steadfast dedication to the Church and its teachings soon saw him ascending the ranks of ecclesiastical authority.

In 1903, Dr Duhig was ordained as the Bishop of Rockhampton, where he diligently served the faithful. His pastoral acumen and unwavering commitment to his flock did not go unnoticed, leading to his appointment as the Coadjutor Archbishop of Brisbane in 1912. Throughout his tenure, he exhibited a profound sense of duty and compassion, endeared to many for his gentle guidance and steadfast leadership.

Upon the passing of Archbishop Dunne, Dr Duhig’s elevation to the highest ecclesiastical office in Brisbane marks a new chapter for the Catholic community in Queensland. His vast experience, honed over decades of service, positions him as a steady hand to guide the faithful through the challenges of the modern age.

Meanwhile, the mantle of leadership at the Brisbane archdiocese falls upon the Most Reverend Dr James Duhig, who now assumes the role of Coadjutor Archbishop. Dr Duhig, known for his humility and dedication, brings a wealth of experience to his new position, having previously served as the Auxiliary Bishop of Brisbane.

The appointment of Archbishop Duhig signifies not only a changing of the guard but also a continuation of the Church’s mission to shepherd its flock with wisdom and compassion. As he steps into his new role, Archbishop Duhig carries with him the hopes and aspirations of the faithful, tasked with leading them towards spiritual fulfilment and communal harmony.

In this time of transition, the Catholic community in Brisbane and beyond looks to Archbishop Duhig for guidance and inspiration, confident in his ability to uphold the sacred traditions of the Church while navigating the challenges of the contemporary world.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 15 January 1917

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