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Scene at a Limerick Meeting: Platform Stormed, MP Assaulted |

Scene at a Limerick Meeting: Platform Stormed, MP Assaulted

LIMERICK, 23rd April 1917 – A public gathering slated for this afternoon at a venue adjacent to the Bank of Ireland, purportedly organized by the Town Tenant League to advocate for a reduction of rent by ten percent on all urban properties, spiralled into an extraordinary political uproar.

Reports indicate that the assembly drew an unexpectedly large crowd, with notable figures such as the Mayor, Mr Joyce, and various clergy members in attendance. However, the tranquillity of the event was abruptly disrupted by a group of youthful individuals who surged onto the platform, initiating impromptu chants and renditions of political tunes. The intrusion, apparently directed at Mr Lundon, Member of Parliament, who was seated at the forefront of the platform, was allegedly provoked by remarks he had made in the House of Commons regarding the disbandment of the Irish Volunteers.

The commotion escalated rapidly, with jeering, shoving, and singing drowning out attempts to restore order. Despite efforts by amateur bands to defuse tensions, their endeavours proved futile against the fervent disruptions. As the situation intensified, Mr Lundon, displaying resilience, remained seated, albeit removing his overcoat in anticipation of the escalating fracas.

However, the situation deteriorated swiftly as agitators surged forward, brandishing heavy sticks and targeting Mr Lundon. Despite attempts by fellow attendees to shield him, Mr Lundon was subjected to physical assault, enduring blows to the head and body. Witnesses recount scenes of chaos as the platform was besieged, with chairs wielded as weapons and Mr Lundon left bloodied and incapacitated.

Medical aid was swiftly summoned, and Mr Lundon was transported to the County Infirmary for urgent treatment, where he remains under observation. Thankfully, no fatalities were reported, although several individuals sustained minor injuries during the melee.

Law enforcement arrived promptly on the scene, but the perpetrators had dispersed, leaving behind a scene of havoc. Despite subsequent investigations, no arrests have been made thus far.

The incident underscores the heightened tensions surrounding political discourse in Ireland, amidst ongoing debates over issues of land tenure and national identity. As the authorities continue their inquiries, the aftermath of this unsettling episode leaves the community grappling with the implications of such brazen acts of violence within the realm of public discourse.

Evening Irish Times – Monday 22 January 1917

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