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Irish-Canadian Rangers Arrive in Limerick |

Irish-Canadian Rangers Arrive in Limerick

The Irish-Canadian Rangers, a distinguished battalion, arrived in Limerick today to a warm reception from the assembled citizens. Their presence was met with enthusiasm as they were greeted upon their arrival.

The battalion was formally received by the Mayor and underwent a ceremonial inspection at the City Hall. Following the inspection, the Rangers were graciously entertained to luncheon, marking the beginning of their stay in Limerick.

The Irish-Canadian Rangers, known for their dedication and service, have a rich history of contributions to various missions and operations. Their arrival in Limerick underscores the importance of international cooperation and solidarity in times of need.

The reception of the Rangers reflects the hospitality and camaraderie that defines the relationship between Ireland and Canada. It also highlights the significance of Limerick as a welcoming and inclusive community.

As the Rangers settle into their stay in Limerick, they are expected to engage in various activities and interactions, further strengthening the bonds between the two nations.

The presence of the Irish-Canadian Rangers in Limerick serves as a reminder of the shared values and commitments that unite nations across borders. Their visit is not only a symbol of friendship but also a testament to the ongoing cooperation in the pursuit of common goals.

The citizens of Limerick look forward to engaging with the members of the battalion during their time in the city, fostering goodwill and understanding between Ireland and Canada.

Evening Irish Times – Thursday 01 February 1917

All Photographs are from the Imperial War Museum Collection
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