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Military Medals Presented in Limerick Ceremony |

Military Medals Presented in Limerick Ceremony

LIMERICK, April 26, 1917 – A solemn ceremony unfolded yesterday in the square outside the County Courthouse of Limerick, where Major-General Doran, Commanding Officer of the Southern Division, presented medals for distinguished conduct in the field. The occasion marked a moment of recognition for the valourous deeds of several servicemen, underscoring their contributions to the ongoing conflict.

Major-General Doran, flanked by the Leinster Regiment and the Royal Scots, stood at the centre of a formation, as relatives and comrades gathered to witness the tribute. Among the recipients were Patrick and Thomas Mulcahy, brothers of the late Private M. Mulcahy, whose sacrifice in attempting to save a comrade was honoured posthumously. Additionally, U. C. Bourke, W. Devarie, Sergeant J. Tierney, Sergeant E. Doyle, Sergeant U. Danagher, and Sergeant T. Goff were recognized for their exceptional bravery in the face of adversity.

The ceremony bore a poignant gravity as the Distinguished Conduct Medal was bestowed upon the four sergeants of the Leinster Regiment, each medal meticulously pinned to their tunics. Major-General Doran, in a gesture of respect and appreciation, personally congratulated each recipient, acknowledging the profound courage and unwavering dedication demonstrated in their actions on the battlefield.

Private Mulcahy, the son of Mr James Mulcahy of Kilmallock, was posthumously honoured for his selfless act, a testament to the indomitable spirit and sacrifice inherent in the pursuit of duty.

The significance of the event was further underscored by the presence of esteemed dignitaries and military personnel, underscoring the collective recognition of bravery and sacrifice amidst the tumult of war.

In a parallel development, Lord Morley, as reported by a Reuters telegram, continues to implement stringent measures in Paris aimed at conserving vital resources amid the war effort. The latest measures include the intermittent closure of businesses, such as the renowned department stores and the Bon Marché, as well as restrictions on tramway operations after 10 p.m.

The ceremony in Limerick stands as a poignant reminder of the profound sacrifices made by individuals in service to their country, their valour immortalized in the presentation of military medals, and their legacy enduring in the annals of history.

Evening Irish Times – Friday 09 February 1917

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