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Attack on Mr Lundon, MP.., Sparks Legal Action in Limerick |

Attack on Mr Lundon, MP.., Sparks Legal Action in Limerick

Five young men, namely Doyle, O’Flaherty, McKeown, Murphy, and McInerney, faced charges of riot, unlawful assembly, and assaulting Mr Lundon, MP.., during a public meeting on the 1st of last month in Limerick. The case, prosecuted under the Criminal Law and Procedure (Ireland) Act of 1887, was presided over by magistrates Mr P. J. B. M. and Mr H. H. Jones. Mr Sergeant handled the prosecution, while Mr Moran acted as the defence solicitor.

Following due process, the magistrates deliberated and convicted four of the accused individuals. Three months’ imprisonment with hard labour was imposed, along with an additional two months for one of the convicted. However, Murphy was discharged, deemed uninvolved in the incident. The remaining perpetrators each received a sentence of two months’ imprisonment with hard labour and an additional two months or the option to post bail for good behaviour.

An appeal against this decision has been lodged, indicating a potential continuation of legal proceedings in this matter.

This incident underscores the importance of upholding public order and respect for elected officials within the community. The legal process, designed to ensure justice and maintain societal harmony, is being diligently pursued to address the alleged transgressions committed during the public gathering.

Evening Irish Times – Saturday 10 February 1917

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