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Authorities Intervene to Regulate Potato Prices in Limerick |

Authorities Intervene to Regulate Potato Prices in Limerick

In response to escalating prices for potatoes at the local market in Limerick, authorities took decisive action on Saturday to address the issue. Concerns had arisen over the exorbitant wholesale prices charged for this essential commodity, prompting intervention to stabilize the market.

During the previous market day on Wednesday, potatoes were being sold at a rate of one shilling and five pence per stone. This sparked rumours within the city that similar high prices would be demanded when the market reopened on Saturday. Anticipating potential opposition to such demands, law enforcement officials, led by Head Constable Heal, were deployed to oversee proceedings.

As business commenced on Saturday morning, it became evident that sellers were indeed prepared to maintain the elevated prices observed earlier in the week. In light of this, the constabulary promptly intervened on behalf of prospective buyers. They communicated the established price regulations set by the Food Controller, specifying a maximum price of one shilling per stone or £8 per ton. Sellers were instructed to adhere to these mandated prices to ensure fair and equitable transactions.

The intervention by authorities aimed to uphold consumer interests and prevent exploitation amid concerns over rising food costs. By enforcing price regulations, the authorities sought to maintain affordability and accessibility of essential food items, particularly during times of economic strain.

Local residents and vendors alike were impacted by these measures, with sellers compelled to comply with the prescribed pricing structure. While some may have initially resisted the mandated prices, the presence of law enforcement served as a deterrent against price gouging and unfair trading practices.

This incident underscores the challenges faced by communities in managing essential supplies during periods of economic uncertainty. The proactive intervention by authorities reflects a commitment to safeguarding consumer interests and promoting market stability.

As discussions continue regarding the broader implications of price regulation and economic management, the events in Limerick serve as a reminder of the delicate balance between market forces and regulatory intervention in ensuring fair and equitable access to essential goods.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 19 February 1917

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