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Limerick Farmer Seeks Mandamus Order Against Cork County Council |

Limerick Farmer Seeks Mandamus Order Against Cork County Council

In a legal dispute reminiscent of the proverbial David and Goliath, Mr Jeremiah McCarthy, a farmer hailing from Drumcollogher, County Limerick, finds himself in a legal tussle against the County Council of Cork. At the heart of the matter lies an application for an absolute order of mandamus, compelling the County Council to levy a rate for the payment of £16 13s 9d. This sum represents a decree, inclusive of costs and damages, awarded to Mr McCarthy by the County Court Judge of Limerick. The compensation arises from the wanton destruction of two ricks of hay, weighing approximately 15 tons, on December 1, 1914, at Carroward, County Limerick.

During proceedings before Mr Justice Mathews, Mr Sergeant Sullivan and Mr Beaden represented Mr McCarthy, while Mr E. G. Harkin appeared on behalf of the County Council. Mr McCarthy’s plea for relief hinges on the assertion that the County Council of Cork is duty-bound to enforce the decree issued by the County Court Judge of Limerick. The contentious issue revolves around the jurisdiction of the Limerick court to issue such a decree, particularly concerning an incident that occurred close to the Limerick-Cork boundary.

The crux of the County Council’s argument lies in challenging the validity of the decree, alleging it was issued without proper jurisdiction. Moreover, they contend that the application for the writ of mandamus is untimely, emphasizing procedural irregularities and asserting that the area and apportionment rules were not adhered to. The Council maintains that the Limerick court lacked the authority to make such a decree, particularly in a matter concerning a locale so close to the boundary of Cork.

Central to Mr McCarthy’s case is the contention that the County Council of Cork is obligated to honour the decree, irrespective of jurisdictional intricacies. However, the County Council counters this, asserting that the unprecedented nature of the decree warrants scrutiny and underscores the need for adherence to legal procedures.

The legal dispute underscores broader questions regarding jurisdictional boundaries, procedural adherence, and the enforcement of court decrees across county lines. As both parties present their arguments before the court, the outcome of this case holds implications not only for Mr McCarthy’s quest for restitution but also for the broader legal landscape governing inter-county disputes and the enforcement of court judgments.

Ultimately, the resolution of this legal quagmire will be determined by the impartial deliberations of the court, guided by legal precedents and principles. The decision rendered will not only impact the immediate parties involved but may also shape future legal precedents governing jurisdictional matters and the enforcement of court decrees.

Freeman’s Journal – Thursday 22 February 1917

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