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Most Rev. Dr O'Dwyer of Limerick Expresses Concerns Over War and Calls for Prayer for Peace |

Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer of Limerick Expresses Concerns Over War and Calls for Prayer for Peace

In a recent address, Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer, the esteemed Bishop of Limerick, has voiced his apprehensions regarding the ongoing war, suggesting that some individuals are beginning to feel despondent about the efficacy of their prayers amidst the seemingly interminable conflict. However, he cautions against such pessimism, asserting that the resolution of the war is not solely within the realm of human control, but rather subject to the governance of a Higher Power.

Dr O’Dwyer expressed his earnest hope that upon the eventual cessation of hostilities, no Irishman would be inclined to undermine the progress achieved for the nation thus far. He emphasised the importance of prayer as a means of beseeching for peace, alongside concerted efforts towards its attainment and the shaping of public opinion to facilitate its realization.

The Bishop acknowledged the formidable obstacles impeding the path to peace, noting the reluctance of governments to acknowledge their errors and the sobering prospect of having to justify the enormous human and material sacrifices made throughout the conflict. He highlighted the widespread devastation wrought by the war, including the tragic loss of countless young lives, the depletion of resources, and the grim spectre of poverty that looms on the horizon.

Dr O’Dwyer’s address serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring toll of war and the imperative of collective action towards achieving a lasting peace. His words resonate with a sense of urgency, urging individuals of all faiths to turn towards prayer and advocacy for peace in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The Bishop’s message carries particular significance within the context of the current global conflict, offering a call to reflection and action amidst the tumult of war.

Irish Independent – Monday 19 February 1917

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