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Woman Found Drowned in Limerick |

Woman Found Drowned in Limerick

On Saturday morning, tragedy struck in Limerick as Mary Carroll (32), employed as a cook, met a tragic end. Departing from her brother’s residence at 4 Gate Limerick at seven o’clock in the morning, Carroll’s life took a fatal turn. Three hours later, her lifeless body was discovered floating in the waters of the Shannon near Barrington’s Pier.

An inquest conducted by Mr J. F. Barry, J.P., City Coroner, shed light on the circumstances surrounding Carroll’s untimely demise. Evidence presented during the proceedings outlined the sequence of events leading up to her tragic fate, though specifics regarding how she came to be in the water were not immediately disclosed.

The jury, presided over by Mr Barry, deliberated on the evidence before them and returned an open verdict, indicating that while the cause of Carroll’s death was confirmed, the circumstances surrounding it remained unclear.

The community of Limerick mourns the loss of Mary Carroll, a hard-working individual whose life was cut short under mysterious circumstances. Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances of her death, aiming to provide closure to her grieving family and friends.

The tragic incident serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of vigilance, particularly in proximity to bodies of water. As the investigation unfolds, the community remains united in support of Carroll’s loved ones during this difficult time.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 19 February 1917

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