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Bishop of Limerick Celebrates Golden Jubilee |

Bishop of Limerick Celebrates Golden Jubilee

At the recent meeting of the Limerick Corporation, a heartfelt resolution was proposed by M. Dalton and unanimously passed, extending warm congratulations to the Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer, Bishop of Limerick, on the occasion of his golden jubilee of ordination. The resolution expressed the sincere hope that His Lordship would continue to guide the diocese for many years to come.

Dr O’Dwyer, who has served as Bishop of Limerick for a commendable fifty years, is widely recognized not only as a distinguished ecclesiastic but also as a prominent authority on matters of doctrine and religious practice. Throughout his tenure, he has consistently demonstrated his dedication to his clergy and congregation, earning a reputation as a stalwart defender of Irish interests in the face of adversity.

The resolution tendered by the Limerick Corporation underscores the esteem in which Dr O’Dwyer is held by the community he serves. It acknowledges his unwavering commitment to his ecclesiastical duties, as well as his courageous advocacy on behalf of his fellow Irishmen in times of political and social upheaval.

Throughout his tenure, Dr O’Dwyer has navigated the complexities of pastoral care with wisdom and compassion, earning the admiration and respect of both clergy and laity. His leadership has been marked by a steadfast adherence to the principles of justice and fairness, qualities that have endeared him to the people of Limerick and beyond.

As Bishop of Limerick, Dr O’Dwyer has faced numerous challenges, yet he has always risen to the occasion with grace and fortitude. His unwavering dedication to the spiritual and temporal welfare of his flock has served as an inspiration to many, and his golden jubilee is a testament to a lifetime of service rendered with humility and devotion.

In celebrating Dr O’Dwyer’s remarkable milestone, the Limerick Corporation pays tribute to a man whose contributions to the community have been immeasurable. As he embarks on the next chapter of his journey, the people of Limerick offer their heartfelt gratitude and prayers for his continued health and well-being.

Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 03 March 1917

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