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Compulsory Tillage Measures Prompt Land Auctions and Debate |

Compulsory Tillage Measures Prompt Land Auctions and Debate

The Department of Agriculture in Co. Meath has declared a further auction of land under the compulsory tillage scheme. This announcement comes as a response to a landowner’s refusal to adhere to the regulations set forth by the department. Subsequently, 45 acres have been leased in conacre within the same county by the Department.

During a parliamentary session on the Consolidated Fund Bill, Mr Kelly voiced grievances over what he perceived as an unequal distribution of land for tillage purposes in Donegal. Joining the discussion, Mr Lundon emphasized the necessity for equal treatment across all farming sectors, particularly for those who resist complying with tillage regulations.

In a separate development, certain unionists in Co. Limerick have declared their intention to disregard the tillage regulations, adding to the complexity of the issue.

Mr Duke, in response to the concerns raised during the parliamentary debate, assured that he would investigate the matter thoroughly.

The compulsory tillage measures implemented by the Department of Agriculture aim to bolster agricultural production, particularly in light of ongoing challenges such as food shortages and supply disruptions. However, these measures have sparked debates and resistance among landowners and farmers across various regions.

The auctioning of land in Co. Meath underscores the government’s commitment to enforcing tillage regulations and ensuring compliance. Such actions serve as a deterrent to those who may be inclined to flout the established guidelines.

Meanwhile, the discourse in Parliament reflects broader concerns regarding the equitable distribution of resources and support for farmers, with calls for fairness and consistency in policy implementation.

As the debate surrounding compulsory tillage measures continues, stakeholders await further developments and potential adjustments to address the diverse interests and challenges within the agricultural sector.

Irish Independent – Wednesday 28 March 1917

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