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Limerick Chronicle's Longevity Questioned Amidst Temporary Suspension |

Limerick Chronicle’s Longevity Questioned Amidst Temporary Suspension

The assertion made in recent publications regarding the uninterrupted existence of the “Limerick Chronicle” since 1766 has sparked a debate over its historical origins. While some sources uphold this claim, others cast doubt, suggesting varying commencement dates for this venerable Southern Irish journal.

Archdeacon Cotton, along with McGregor and Fitzgerald, authors of “A History of the City and County of Limerick,” contend that the “Limerick Chronicle” made its debut in 1767. Additionally, a contributor to “Notes and Queries” proposed 1768 as the inaugural year of its publication. This discrepancy in dates leaves the precise birth of the newspaper shrouded in ambiguity.

Regardless of the exact year of its inception, the “Limerick Chronicle” holds a significant place in Irish journalism, boasting a legacy that spans centuries. However, the publication finds itself in the midst of a challenging period, as it recently announced a temporary suspension of operations. This decision comes as a result of financial difficulties, marking a rare interruption in its longstanding history.

For over 150 years, the “Limerick Chronicle” has been a stalwart presence, navigating through the tumultuous seas of politics, social change, and economic upheavals. Its pages have chronicled the evolution of Limerick and its surrounding areas, providing a valuable record of local events, opinions, and cultural developments.

The announcement of its temporary closure has elicited expressions of support and goodwill from both within and outside the journalism community. Despite the current setback, many hope for a swift resolution to the challenges faced by the publication, allowing it to resume its vital role in serving the community.

As the “Limerick Chronicle” embarks on this temporary hiatus, there is a collective sentiment among its readers and stakeholders for its prompt return to publication. The newspaper’s resilience over the centuries is a testament to its enduring importance in the fabric of Irish society, and many eagerly await its revival.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Tuesday 27 March 1917

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