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Political Disturbance in Limerick: Prisoners Arraigned Under Defence of the Realm Act |

Political Disturbance in Limerick: Prisoners Arraigned Under Defence of the Realm Act

Limerick, Ireland – A political disturbance unfolded in Limerick on Thursday night as three individuals, escorted by the constabulary, were brought in by train from Cork. The accused had faced trial at Foynes Petty Sessions under the Defence of the Realm Act for their involvement in lighting bonfires in connection with Count Plunkett’s election. As per the court’s ruling, they were sentenced to a month’s imprisonment in default of bail.

Upon their arrival at Limerick’s railway station, a large crowd, primarily composed of youths, trailed the prisoners to the William Street Police Barracks, alternating between cheers and groans. Notably, the law enforcement authorities refrained from engaging with the crowd, which swelled in size outside the barracks, persisting with their vocal expressions.

However, amid the commotion, an incident occurred where the window of an establishment on George Street was shattered, allegedly by a stone hurled by an individual within the crowd.

The proceedings surrounding the detainees underscore the heightened tensions in the region amidst the backdrop of political fervour. The Defence of the Realm Act, enacted during the ongoing conflict, has been instrumental in maintaining order and curbing activities deemed detrimental to public safety.

Despite efforts to mitigate unrest, incidents such as these serve as reminders of the deep-seated divisions and passions prevalent within the community. The convergence of political affiliations and social unrest continues to pose challenges for authorities tasked with upholding law and order.

The events in Limerick highlight the complexities of governance in a time of political upheaval, where maintaining a delicate balance between civil liberties and public security remains a paramount concern. As the situation unfolds, authorities are likely to remain vigilant, employing measures to prevent further disturbances and uphold the rule of law.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 24 March 1917

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