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Resolution Passed by Limerick Chapter Opposing Time Change |

Resolution Passed by Limerick Chapter Opposing Time Change

Members of the Limerick Diocese convened to discuss and pass a resolution concerning the proposed alteration of time. The resolution, passed by the members of the Limerick Chapter, articulates their collective stance against the suggested change, citing potential adverse effects on school attendance and punctuality.

The resolution underscores the chapter’s firm conviction that the proposed time change would be highly inconvenient for schools. In their deliberations, the members highlighted the significant challenges that students would face in adhering to the new schedule. Specifically, they expressed concerns that many pupils would struggle to attend school promptly if the clock were set one and a half hours earlier than the actual time.

Central to their argument is the assertion that the proposed time adjustment would disrupt the daily routines of students, leading to a higher likelihood of tardiness and absenteeism. By emphasizing the practical implications of such a change, the resolution seeks to draw attention to the potential repercussions for educational institutions and their students.

The resolution reflects the deliberative process undertaken by the Limerick Chapter in assessing the merits of the proposed time change. It underscores their commitment to safeguarding the interests of schools and ensuring optimal conditions for teaching and learning.

In conclusion, the resolution passed by the Limerick Chapter represents a unified stance against the proposed alteration of time, specifically citing concerns related to school attendance and punctuality. It signals the chapter’s dedication to advocating for the welfare of educational institutions and their students in the face of proposed societal changes.

Freeman’s Journal – Friday 09 March 1917

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