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Stormy Proceedings Mark Limerick Union Solicitorship Election |

Stormy Proceedings Mark Limerick Union Solicitorship Election

In a tumultuous session at yesterday’s meeting of the Limerick Board of Guardians, the election of a solicitor was characterized by intense debate and controversy. Chaired by Mr Hubert Frost, the proceedings saw the nomination of two candidates: Mr T. O’Ri. Kelly, solicitor, and Mr H. O’H. Moran, solicitor, who is presently serving a two-month imprisonment under the Defence of the Realm Act for the unauthorized publication of confidential documents, a violation of regulations.

Amidst the nominations, Mr P. Bourke proposed an adjournment to allow Mr Moran to attend following the expiration of his sentence. However, this proposal was rejected with 44 votes against and 24 in favour. Mr Bourke strongly criticized the Board’s decision as “cowardly and despicable,” sparking a heated exchange.

Following the commotion, during a momentary lull, Mr Bourke withdrew Mr Moran’s nomination, effectively leaving Mr Kelly as the sole candidate. Subsequently, Mr Kelly was declared elected as the solicitor for the Limerick Union.

Efforts to challenge the resolution were made through a notice of motion to rescind, but it was ultimately addressed by the Chairman without further disruption.

The election’s contentious nature highlights the divisions within the Limerick Board of Guardians and underscores the gravity of issues surrounding the Defence of the Realm Act. With legal matters entangled in political discord, the outcome of this election may reverberate through the local legal and administrative landscape.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 15 March 1917

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