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At a meeting held on Saturday noon by the Limerick Divisional branch of the United Irish League, chaired by Mr O’Mara, various aspects of the Home Rule Act were deliberated upon. Mr O’Mara, presiding over the assembly, proposed that for the Home Rule Act to be deemed satisfactory, it should encompass the entirety of the country and undergo substantial revisions, particularly in its financial arrangements. He pointed out that Ireland, currently contributing 24 million pounds to the English Exchequer, is shouldering a significant burden compared to when the Act was initially passed.

Among the suggested revisions, Mr O’Mara highlighted the necessity for greater financial equity and advocated for the inclusion of reserved powers, such as control over the police and banks. He emphasized that the current financial burden on Ireland rendered it untenable for the country to sustain its contributions to the Exchequer while also addressing its domestic needs adequately.

Mr Joyce, Member of Parliament, addressed the gathering extensively on the Home Rule question, underscoring the importance of governmental integrity in adhering to their commitments, particularly regarding Home Rule. He emphasized that promises made by ministers should be upheld, even in the context of contentious issues like Home Rule. Mr Joyce highlighted the forthcoming process wherein the proposals would be subject to review by the governing body, with the ultimate decision resting with an Irish Convention.

The discussion at the meeting reflected the prevailing sentiments regarding Home Rule in Limerick, with a clear emphasis on the need for comprehensive reforms to ensure equitable representation and financial stability for Ireland. The attendees expressed a collective desire for the government to honour its commitments and engage in meaningful dialogue with Irish representatives to address the concerns surrounding Home Rule.

The deliberations underscored the complex interplay of political, financial, and social factors shaping the discourse on Home Rule in Ireland. As discussions continue, stakeholders are hopeful that constructive engagement and adherence to principles of fairness and equity will pave the way for a resolution that meets the aspirations of the Irish people.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 09 April 1917

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