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McInerney's Fish Stores Cease Operations in Limerick Amid Owner's Deportation |

McInerney’s Fish Stores Cease Operations in Limerick Amid Owner’s Deportation

The renowned establishment of McInerney’s Fish Stores, situated in Limerick, Ireland, has ceased its operations, marking an end to its longstanding presence not just in the city but across the country. The closure, effective from March 31st, comes as a consequence of the recent deportation of the firm’s proprietor, Mr James McInerney, to England, without any formal trial or charges levied against him.

For a considerable period, the name of McInerney’s Fish Stores has been a familiar sight in advertisements, both locally and nationally. However, the abrupt discontinuation of its weekly appearances in advertising columns serves as a telling indication of the unfolding circumstances surrounding the proprietor’s absence.

In a statement addressing the closure, it was conveyed that the absence of Mr McInerney has rendered it unfeasible to continue the business operations effectively. Consequently, the decision was made to shutter the Fish Stores located at 10 Roche’s Street in Limerick. The announcement, conveyed through local publications, was intended to forestall any inquiries from patrons who may not have been informed of the store’s closure.

The closure of McInerney’s Fish Stores underscores the broader implications of the proprietor’s deportation, echoing concerns regarding due process and the rule of law. The absence of formal charges or a fair trial preceding Mr McInerney’s deportation has raised questions about the circumstances leading to such a drastic measure.

As a consequence, a once-thriving business in Limerick finds itself shuttered, its operations curtailed in the wake of actions taken against its proprietor. The closure serves as a poignant reminder of the wider repercussions that unfold when individuals are subjected to deportation without transparent legal proceedings.

The closure of McInerney’s Fish Stores in Limerick serves as a notable example of the tangible impacts stemming from actions taken against individuals in the absence of due process. As the community grapples with the fallout of this development, questions linger regarding the circumstances surrounding Mr McInerney’s deportation and the implications it holds for businesses and individuals alike.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 14 April 1917

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