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Lady Poore's Memoir Chronicles Irish Childhood and Naval Adventures |

Lady Poore’s Memoir Chronicles Irish Childhood and Naval Adventures

Lady Poore, esteemed author and member of a prominent Irish literary family, has unveiled her latest literary offering, “An Admiral’s Wife in the Making.” Following the resounding success of her previous work, “Recollections of an Admiral’s Wife,” Lady Poore’s newest volume delves into her upbringing in Ireland and the formative years of her marriage to Sir Richard Poore, as he ascended the ranks of the Royal Navy.

Published in 1917, this memoir encapsulates Lady Poore’s recollections spanning the latter half of the nineteenth century, offering readers a glimpse into a bygone era rich with anecdotes, character sketches, and encounters with notable figures of the time.

Born into a distinguished Irish family, Lady Poore’s lineage includes her father, a former Protestant Bishop of Limerick, and her brother, Alfred Percival Graves, a prominent figure in the Irish literary movement renowned for his composition “Father O’Flynn.”

The memoir is a tapestry woven with tales of her husband’s naval exploits, including encounters with luminaries such as Helen Faucit, Lord Kitchener, Rudyard Kipling, and Queen Victoria. Among the anecdotes shared is a humorous account of a dinner with Major Kitchener during the Nile Expedition, where he appeared in Arab attire, much to the bemusement of fellow diners.

One particularly amusing episode recounts Queen Victoria’s mistaken assumption that Lady Poore was her husband’s second wife, leading to a comical exchange as Lady Poore clarified her unique status as the Admiral’s sole spouse.

Lady Poore also provides insights into historical events, such as Emperor Wilhelm II’s visit to Malta in 1899, where his attempt at incognito was quickly abandoned in favour of assuming the role of a British Admiral, complete with jovial banter and nautical observations.

Interwoven with these narratives are charming anecdotes from Lady Poore’s personal life, including a delightful tale of her young niece, Molly, whose innocent insistence on the colour of her eyes provided amusement for the family circle.

Through her meticulously curated memoir, Lady Poore invites readers to journey through the corridors of history, offering a captivating blend of personal reminiscences and glimpses into a bygone era of naval exploration and aristocratic life.

With its engaging narrative and rich historical detail, “An Admiral’s Wife in the Making” stands as a testament to Lady Poore’s literary prowess and her unique perspective on the events and personalities that shaped her life and times.

Advocate 17 April 1917

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