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"Limerick Priest’s Sudden Passing in America Mourned by Many" |

“Limerick Priest’s Sudden Passing in America Mourned by Many”

The community is in mourning following the sudden death of the Right Reverend Monsignor Patrick Enright in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA. Originally from Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick, Mgr. Enright had served the parish of Little Rock, Arkansas, for fifteen years, earning widespread admiration for his dedicated ministry.

Born on April 28, 1867, Mgr. Enright’s journey from Limerick to America saw him distinguish himself as a revered clergyman. His notable contributions to the church and community were eloquently commemorated by the Most Reverend Dr Morris, Bishop of Little Rock, during a poignant eulogy at his funeral.

Mgr. Enright’s ecclesiastical career reached a pinnacle following the death of Bishop Fitzgerald in 1900. He was appointed Administrator of the Diocese by Archbishop Martinelli, then Papal Delegate, highlighting the trust and respect he commanded within the Church hierarchy. In 1915, Pope Benedict XV recognized his service and dedication by appointing him a Domestic Prelate.

Survived by his six brothers—two of whom are priests in America—and two sisters, Mgr. Enright leaves behind a legacy of spiritual leadership and compassion. His family, along with his parishioners and colleagues, remember him fondly for his unwavering commitment to his faith and community.

The news of Mgr. Enright’s passing has resonated deeply within the local and international Catholic community. His life and work in Arkansas were marked by significant achievements and a lasting impact on those he served. As the community reflects on his contributions, they also honour the memory of a priest whose life was dedicated to the service of others, bridging his Irish heritage with his American ministry.

Mgr. Enright’s passing marks the end of a distinguished chapter in the history of the Diocese of Little Rock, but his influence and legacy will continue to inspire future generations. His exemplary service stands as a testament to the enduring bond between his homeland of Limerick and his adopted community in Arkansas.

In the midst of grief, the faithful are reminded of the profound impact a single individual can have on a community, transcending borders and leaving a legacy of faith, dedication, and love. The tribute paid to Mgr. Enright during his funeral echoes the sentiments of all who knew him, celebrating a life well-lived in the service of God and humanity.

Freeman’s Journal – Thursday 14 June 1917

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