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Disturbance in Limerick Streets Amid De Valera Celebration |

Disturbance in Limerick Streets Amid De Valera Celebration

LIMERICK — The streets of Limerick were thronged last night as approximately 6,000 people gathered to celebrate Mr Éamon de Valera’s election victory in East Clare. The jubilant crowd, many carrying Sinn Féin flags and banners, filled the night air with cheering and shouting. Bonfires were lit in the streets and on the Clare hills, creating a festive yet chaotic atmosphere.

However, the celebrations soon took a tumultuous turn. Stones were thrown, resulting in broken windows at the County Club and the City High Sheriff’s premises. A policeman was struck during the disturbance, but fortunately, he was not seriously injured. Several shops also sustained damage with their glass windows shattered.

Despite the initial chaos, the situation eventually calmed down, and the streets of Limerick returned to a state of quiet. No further incidents were reported as the night progressed, allowing the city to resume its usual calm. This disturbance highlights the passionate political climate and the fervent support for Sinn Féin and its leaders during this period.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 13 July 1917

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