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Elderly Man Sentenced for Burglary Spree in Dublin |

Elderly Man Sentenced for Burglary Spree in Dublin

DUBLIN — An elderly man named Alfred Curry appeared before the Recorder at the City Sessions today, where he pleaded guilty to four indictments of breaking and entering residences in the Donnybrook, Rathgar, and Ranelagh districts. The burglaries involved the theft of a substantial quantity of jewellery, silverware, including spoons, knives, and forks, with the total value of the stolen items estimated between £30 and £60.

Alfred Curry, who spoke with an English accent, was sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment. The Recorder, delivering the sentence, described Curry as a highly dangerous criminal, noting his extensive criminal history. Curry’s criminal activities commenced in Newcastle-on-Tyne, and he has since been a notorious figure across various regions.

The Recorder revealed that he had previously prosecuted Curry in Belfast, highlighting the persistent nature of Curry’s criminal conduct. Curry has a record of convictions in multiple cities, including Cork and Limerick, as well as several locations across England and Scotland.

During the hearing, it was evident that Curry’s criminal expertise and history posed a significant threat, underscoring the necessity of a stringent sentence. His latest series of offences in Dublin involved meticulous planning and execution, targeting well-to-do areas known for their valuable possessions.

Curry’s past crimes have shown a consistent pattern of targeting affluent homes and stealing high-value items, suggesting a specialized approach to burglary. The fact that he operated across different countries and cities indicates a criminal career marked by evasion and adaptability, making him a challenging subject for law enforcement.

The court’s decision to impose a 15-month prison term reflects the severity of his actions and the need to protect communities from further harm. The sentence aims to serve as a deterrent to similar criminal activities and to provide a period during which Curry can be prevented from engaging in further burglaries.

Alfred Curry’s case serves as a reminder of the persistent issue of property crimes and the importance of robust legal measures to address habitual offenders. The coordination between various jurisdictions in tracking and prosecuting Curry exemplifies the collabourative efforts necessary to tackle transnational criminal activities.

As Curry begins his sentence, residents in the affected districts may find some relief, knowing that a prolific burglar has been temporarily removed from their midst. However, the broader concern of property crime remains, necessitating continued vigilance and cooperation between law enforcement and the community to ensure safety and security.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Tuesday 10 July 1917

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