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Yorkshire Priest Challenges "Too Old at Forty" Rule at Limerick Railway |

Yorkshire Priest Challenges “Too Old at Forty” Rule at Limerick Railway

20 Carey’s Road, Limerick


My previous letter, published in your esteemed newspaper on the 9th of last month, highlighted the discriminatory practice of the Limerick railway company refusing to hire individuals over the age of forty. The accuracy of my claims has not only been confirmed but further validated by Mr S. Madigan, the Chief Clerk himself.

In his response on behalf of the railway company, Mr Madigan stated: “It is a very old rule of the company not to employ men forty years of age and over, and in carrying out this order I never worry about the opinion of the foreign Press.”

I must inquire, when was this archaic rule established? Throughout my fifteen years of service, I have never encountered such a policy. Moreover, one of the current gate-men is a former member of the Royal Irish Constabulary (R.I.C.) who is well over fifty years old.

In a time when trade unions are being urged to relinquish their hard-won rights and privileges, and the government implores us to embrace austerity, it is absurd that a rule deeming individuals “too old at forty” should persist.

While I commend Mr Madigan’s disregard for the “foreign Press,” I am curious to hear how his “foreign master” will justify this blatant ageism.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick Cullen

Dublin Leader – Saturday 21 July 1917

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