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A Rare Glimpse at the Aftermath of the 1967 Limerick Fire

In October 1967, Tubridy’s Bakery, Athlunkard Street, Limerick Caught Fire. It Caused Over £40,000 Worth Of Damage And Left 30 People Out Of Work. Twelve Families Were Evacuated From Their Homes Amid Fears That Oil Would Ignite. Tubridys Was Founded In 1883 By William Tubridy. Credit: Dr Paul O’Brien.

The bakery was a well-established business in Limerick, having been founded in 1883 by William Tubridy. At the time of the fire, the bakery employed approximately 30 people, who were all left without work as a result of the incident.

In addition to the damage caused to the bakery, the fire also posed a significant risk to nearby residents. Twelve families were evacuated from their homes amid fears that the fire could spread and ignite nearby oil supplies.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but it is likely that it was accidental in nature. The estimated cost of the damage caused by the fire was over £40,000, which would have been a significant amount of money at the time.

The incident highlights the devastating impact that fires can have on businesses and communities, as well as the importance of fire safety measures to prevent such incidents from occurring. Tubridy’s Bakery was a well-established business that had been serving the community for many years, and the fire would have been a significant loss for both the business and the community.

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