Janeboro: A Southern Limerick City Neighborhood

Cllr. Pat Kennedy Meets Local Residents At Janesboro, Limerick, C.1970s

Janesboro is predominantly a residential area, with a mix of public and private housing estates. The area has a strong sense of community, and there are several local amenities including schools, shops, and community centres. There is also a large public park, Janesboro Park, which is a popular spot for walking, jogging, and sports activities.

Janesboro has a rich history, and the area was once home to a number of industries including breweries and mills. Today, the area is predominantly residential, but there are still some industrial sites and businesses operating in the area.

Janesboro is well-connected to the rest of Limerick City, with regular bus services running to and from the area. It is also situated close to the M7 motorway, which provides easy access to other parts of Ireland.

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