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Civil Rights Activists March in Limerick to Protest Internment

Protest March On William Street, Limerick, 1970. The Limerick March Was Part Of A Wider Campaign Of Civil Disobedience And Nonviolent Resistance Against The Policy Of Internment. Similar Marches And Protests Were Held In Other Cities And Towns Across Ireland, And The Campaign Received International Attention And Support.

The march in Limerick was led by civil rights activist Michael Farrell, who was a member of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association. The march began at Pery Square and proceeded through the city centre, ending at the courthouse on Merchants Quay. Participants carried placards and banners calling for an end to internment and the release of political prisoners.

The protest was largely peaceful, although there were some minor scuffles between protesters and police. Despite this, the march was seen as an important moment in the civil rights movement in Ireland and helped to raise awareness of the issue of internment and the wider struggle for civil rights and equality in Northern Ireland.

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