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St. Mary’s Cub Scouts: A Scouting Movement in Limerick, Ireland

image: st mary’s boy scouts c.1960s

The Cub Scouts Were Open To Boys Between The Ages Of 8 And 11, And Focused On Teaching Important Life Skills Through Fun And Engaging Activities Such As Camping, Hiking, And Community Service. The Organization Was Led By Trained Adult Volunteers, Who Served As Mentors And Role Models For The Young Scouts.

In 1965, St. Mary’s Cub Scouts was likely a thriving and active community, with regular meetings and events held throughout the year. The Scouts would have participated in a range of activities, from learning basic survival skills to earning badges for completing various challenges and projects.

Today, the Cub Scouts continue to be an important part of the Scouting movement in Ireland and provide young people with opportunities to learn important life skills and build character through outdoor adventures and community service. St. Mary’s Cub Scouts may no longer be an active chapter, but its legacy lives on through the many young people who benefited from its programs and activities over the years.

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