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The Birth of the Limerick Locomotive Works

The Limerick Locomotive Works Quickly Became A Significant Employer In The Region, Providing Work For Hundreds Of Skilled Engineers, Mechanics, And Laborers. Over The Years, The Works Produced A Range Of Locomotives For The GSWR, Including Both Steam And Diesel Engines.

During the early years of the works’ operation, the locomotives produced were used primarily for transporting goods and people across the country. However, as the Irish economy developed, the demand for transportation services grew, and the Limerick Locomotive Works became a vital part of Ireland’s transport infrastructure.

In the 20th century, the works continued to expand, producing larger and more powerful locomotives, and eventually began exporting locomotives to other countries. However, by the 1970s, the demand for locomotives had declined, and the Limerick Locomotive Works was closed in 1976.

workers at limerick loco works, c.1950s

Today, the site of the former Limerick Locomotive Works has been redeveloped into a modern industrial park, and a plaque commemorating the works’ history has been installed on the site. The Limerick Locomotive Works is remembered as a vital part of Ireland’s industrial heritage and a symbol of the country’s railway history.

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