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John Nash: Architect of the Old Gaol in Limerick

The Old Gaol Was Constructed In 1821 And Was Located Where City Hall In Limerick Stands Today. It Was Designed To Replace An Earlier Prison That Had Become Overcrowded And Was In Poor Condition. Nash’s Design For The New Gaol Featured A Hexagonal Shape With Six Radiating Wings, Which Allowed For Increased Space And Improved Ventilation.

The prison was constructed using locally quarried stone and featured imposing walls and towers. The design was intended to be both functional and intimidating, with the goal of deterring potential criminals from committing offences. The Old Gaol remained in use until the mid-20th century when it was eventually demolished to make way for the construction of City Hall.

Despite its eventual demolition, the Old Gaol designed by John Nash remains an important part of Limerick’s architectural history. Its innovative design and use of locally sourced materials are a testament to Nash’s skill as an architect and his ability to adapt his designs to local contexts.

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