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St. John’s Cathedral: A Timeless Monument of Limerick, Ireland

The Cathedral Replaced An Earlier Chapel That Had Been Founded In 1753. The New Building Was Constructed On The Same Site And Incorporated Many Of The Original Features, Including The Baptismal Font, The Pulpit, And Some Of The Stained Glass Windows.

St. John’s Cathedral is an impressive example of Gothic Revival architecture. It features a soaring nave with pointed arches, a vaulted ceiling, and a stunning rose window at the west end. The cathedral’s exterior is equally impressive, with intricate stonework and a dramatic tower that rises to a height of 94 meters.

Over the years, St. John’s Cathedral has been the site of many important events, including the funeral of Limerick’s first bishop, Dr. George Butler, in 1890. Today, the cathedral continues to be an important place of worship and a beloved landmark in the city of Limerick.

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