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A Sweet History: Geary’s Sweets and Biscuits Factory

Geary’s Sweets And Biscuits Factory, Merchants Quay, Limerick, C.1980s

The factory was established by William Geary, a confectioner who had moved to Limerick from England in the mid-1800s. Geary’s factory quickly became popular for producing high-quality sweets and biscuits, using the best ingredients and modern manufacturing techniques. The factory was famous for its “Geary’s Orange Marmalade” and “Geary’s Digestive Biscuits.”

Geary’s factory provided employment to many people in Limerick over the years and was a significant part of the city’s economy. However, in the late 1900s, the factory faced stiff competition from larger confectionery companies and changed consumer tastes. Eventually, the factory closed its doors, and the building was converted into offices and retail spaces.

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