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The 1932 Eucharistic Congress: A Historic Event for Limerick and Ireland

Limerick Pork Butchers Society, Bank Place, Celebrate The Eucharistic Congress,1932.

Limerick was one of the host cities for the congress, and it played a significant role in the celebrations. The congress opened on June 22, 1932, and lasted for eight days. During that time, there were a variety of events held in Limerick, including processions, masses, and other religious ceremonies.

The highlight of the Limerick celebrations was the procession that took place on June 26. Thousands of people lined the streets to watch as the Blessed Sacrament was carried through the city on a specially constructed platform. The procession was led by Archbishop Edward Joseph Byrne of Dublin, who was accompanied by a large number of clergy and religious dignitaries.

In addition to the religious ceremonies, there were also cultural events held in Limerick during the congress, including concerts, plays, and art exhibitions. The congress was a major success and was seen as a significant milestone in the history of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Overall, the Eucharistic Congress of 1932 was a significant event in the history of Limerick, and it helped to strengthen the city’s connection to the Catholic Church and its traditions.

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