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Cathedral Place: A Look at Smyth’s Row

smyth’s row, cathedral place, limerick, c.1960s

One of the most notable buildings on the street is the iconic St. John’s Cathedral, a magnificent neo-Gothic structure completed in 1894. The cathedral is a dominant feature of the skyline and a symbol of the city’s Catholic heritage.

Other buildings on Smyth’s Row in the 1970s included shops such as tobacconists, confectioners, butchers, and greengrocers. There were also a number of pubs and restaurants, including the well-known Halfway House pub.

The street was a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike, particularly during festive occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas. Despite some changes to the street over the years, including the closure of some businesses and the opening of new ones, Smyth’s Row remains an important part of Limerick’s history and cultural heritage.

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