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A Look Back at Limerick’s 1950s Milk Delivery System

Katie Cuneen, Singland, Delivering Fresh Milk To The Fairgreen, C.1950s

Milk was usually delivered in glass bottles, which were washed and reused by the dairy company. In some cases, milk was also delivered in metal cans or churns, which were later emptied into the customer’s own containers.

milk delivery on st josephs street, limerick, c.1950s

Milk delivery was an important service for many families, particularly those with young children. The milk was often used to make baby formula or to provide a nutritious drink for growing children. In addition to milk, some deliverymen also offered other dairy products, such as cream and butter.

Overall, milk delivery was an important part of daily life in Limerick during the 1950s, and it played an important role in ensuring that families had access to fresh, nutritious milk on a daily basis.

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