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The 19th Century Catholic Men’s Association of Limerick

Redemptorist Procession, 70th Anniversary Of The Mens Confraternity C.1860s

The Men’s Confraternity was associated with the Redemptorist Church in Limerick, which was founded in 1853. The Redemptorist Fathers, who were a religious order of priests, played a key role in establishing the Men’s Confraternity and promoting its activities.

The Men’s Confraternity held regular meetings and events, such as processions and devotional practices, which were designed to foster a sense of community among its members and to promote their spiritual well-being. The organization was also involved in charitable works, such as providing assistance to the sick and the poor.

The Men’s Confraternity was part of a larger movement of lay Catholic organizations that emerged in Ireland in the 19th century. These organizations played an important role in promoting Catholicism and in shaping Irish society and culture during this period.

Today, while the Men’s Confraternity is no longer active in Limerick or Ireland, its legacy lives on in the history and culture of the city and the country as a whole.

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