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In a riveting turn of events, the Charleville murder trial has resumed its proceedings before Mr Justice Boyd at the County Cork Assizes. William Scanlan stands accused of the wilful murder of Bridget Gayer, a young girl whose life was tragically cut short on July 12, 1909. The courtroom was filled with palpable tension as the Crown presented its case against Scanlan, who, notably, is the brother-in-law of the deceased. This trial, which has garnered remarkable public interest, is not unfamiliar to those who have been following the case. Scanlan was initially arraigned during the last Winter Assizes, and after… Read Full Article

Heart-Warming Heroism: Mr S. Waddell’s Daring Rescue Near Limerick Gains Royal Humane Society’s Attention

In a heartening display of bravery near Limerick, Mr S. Waddell, widely recognized as the accomplished author of the Ulster comedy The Drone and other plays, has found himself in the spotlight. He saved a young boy from drowning just a few days ago. The remarkable incident has caught the attention of the Royal Humane Society, which is set to recognize Mr Waddell’s selfless act. The courageous rescue unfolded when a young boy found himself distressed, struggling in the waters near Limerick. Mr Waddell, known for his literary contributions, emerged as an unexpected hero in this real-life drama. Eyewitnesses, including… Read Full Article

Mr Redmond’s Anticipated Visit to Limerick

In a momentous gathering of the Limerick Unionist and Loyalist community, it was announced with great enthusiasm that Mr John D. Redmond, a prominent figure in Irish politics, is slated to address a public meeting organized by the U.I.L. within the city limits on the 11th of September. This event is positioned as a crucial precursor to Mr Redmond’s impending journey to the United States. The proposed demonstration is expected to draw a diverse and representative crowd from the province of Munster. Councillor Johnson, speaking at the meeting, made a notable reference to the recent All-for-Ireland gathering at the Theatre… Read Full Article


Following the mysterious murder of the wife of Dr Crippen, an actress, in Camden Town, Scotland Yard has launched an exhaustive effort to capture the alleged perpetrator. The renowned investigative agency has issued a directive urging all citizens to remain vigilant and report any sightings of Dr Crippen, emphasizing that he should not be approached directly. The circumstances of the murder have shrouded Camden Town in an air of intrigue, prompting law enforcement agencies to take proactive measures. In a coordinated effort, local law enforcement agencies, including those in Limerick, are disseminating information to citizens, calling for their assistance in… Read Full Article


In a significant development, the Limerick Board of Guardians, presided over by Mr P. Bourke, convened yesterday to address mounting concerns regarding the government’s approach to old-age pensions. The board deliberated on a resolution from the Acting Board of Guardians, expressing dissatisfaction and protest against the government’s call for financial contributions from boards of guardians. This call aims to fund old-age pensions proposed for individuals currently disqualified due to the receipt of outdoor relief. Chairman P. Bourke, setting the tone for the meeting, underscored that the applicants would not receive the anticipated relief under the Chancellor’s scheme. The initial understanding… Read Full Article


In an unforeseen turn of weather events, the picturesque city of Limerick found itself in the grip of a scorching heat wave just days after heavy rainfall drenched the region. The South and Limerick districts, usually known for their temperate climate, experienced an unusual spike in temperatures, leaving residents and visitors alike to contend with the sweltering conditions. The abrupt transition from damp and chilly weather to the recent tropical heatwave has caught many off guard. Over the past few days, the mercury soared, reaching a staggering 80 degrees in the shade yesterday. The moist and hot atmosphere that enveloped… Read Full Article

All-for-Ireland League Rally in Limerick: Lord Dunraven Addresses Home Rule Concerns

In a significant gathering at the Theatre Royal in Limerick, the All-for-Ireland League held a meeting that drew a large and attentive audience. The event, requiring admission via ticket, saw a well-filled venue, with scrutiny of attendees to ensure a disturbance-free environment. While the enthusiasm outside the venue seemed subdued, special trains brought in participants from various locations within a twenty-mile radius of the city. Notably, drum and fife bands from outside the city were enlisted, as local bands chose not to partake in the demonstration. The proceedings commenced at eight o’clock in the evening, and the appearance of Lord… Read Full Article

Tragic Verdict: Woman Found Guilty of Infanticide Receives Grim Sentence

In a solemn court session at Newcastle West, Hannah Ahern faced the harrowing consequences of her actions as she was found guilty of the wilful murder of her newly born female infant. The jury, while delivering the damning verdict, did not overlook a strong recommendation for mercy, underscoring the gravity of the case. Ahern, formerly an inmate of the Newcastle West Workhouse and more recently a wards woman in the same institution, stood accused of a heinous crime that shook the community. The court heard that her condition had been noticed by the Matron, leading to her relocation to the… Read Full Article

Limerick City Shines in the Summer Assizes: A Testament to Law and Order

In a remarkable display of judicial proceedings, the Summer Assizes for Limerick City commenced today, drawing attention to the city’s commitment to maintaining law and order. The proceedings, overseen by Mr William Halliday, J.P., the City High Sheriff, unfolded at the Limerick City Courthouse with an atmosphere of diligence and impartiality. Addressing the gathered audience, Mr John F. Power highlighted the city’s distinguished reputation for maintaining order, surpassing other towns in the region. Contrary to preconceived notions, he emphasized that recent police data indicated a notable absence of serious criminal cases. While acknowledging sporadic incidents, Mr Power pointed out that… Read Full Article

Landlord Refuses to Sell: Co. Limerick Dispute Sparks Big Demonstration at Cappamore

Cappamore witnessed a significant gathering yesterday, as a dispute over the Board Steward O’Brien estate in Co. Limerick prompted a large-scale demonstration. The dispute revolves around the refusal of the present landlord to sell to the tenants, numbering 88, who have declined to pay rent, resulting in some receiving rent reductions. The tension has escalated to the point where legal action has been initiated against several tenants. The demonstration drew a diverse crowd, with fervent contingents armed with banners and placards converging at Cappamore. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as locals expressed their solidarity with the tenants facing eviction.… Read Full Article

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