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County Limerick Ejectment Case Sparks Legal Debate

In a recent legal dispute concerning land ownership in County Limerick, the High Court found itself embroiled in a complex case involving the eviction of tenants. The matter, which unfolded in the chambers of Justice Lard and Lord, pertained to the ejection of occupants from the estate of O. Hehir.… Read More

Fire Scare at Limerick Picture Theatre Prompts Brief Evacuation

An unexpected incident unfolded at the Treaty Picture Theatre in Limerick last night, stirring a brief commotion among the audience. The cause? A small fire ignited in the basement due to the accidental ignition of papers, triggering alarms and prompting a precautionary evacuation. The proprietor swiftly intervened, urging patrons to… Read More

Limerick Grocers Seek Judgment Against Defendant in Court

In a recent session of the King’s Bench Division, Mr Justice Piot presiding, a case of Littered and Nye v. Vincent unfolded, as Mr James Henry, instructed by Mr H. J. W. Dummy, LL.D., sought judgment on behalf of the plaintiffs, who are grocers and provision merchants. They aimed to… Read More

Limerick: A Tale of History and Modernity

Nestled along the serene banks of the Shannon River, the city of Limerick stands as a testament to the intertwining of rich history and modern progress. With roots dating back to the ninth century, when it was founded by the Danes, Limerick has borne witness to some of the most… Read More


In a recent probate action at Nisi Prius Court 1 before Mr Justice Boyd and a city common jury, the dispute over the will of a Limerick lady, Miss Hanoria Toomey, who passed away on the 2nd of September, has come to light. The plaintiff, Thomas Lane of Drumcollogher, Co.… Read More

Bathing Fatality Occurs Near Limerick

A tragic incident unfolded near Limerick recently, resulting in a fatality. On a leisurely afternoon, a group of young boys ventured into the waters of the River Shannon, close to the Limerick and Ennis Railway Bridge. Among them was Patrick Bourke, aged 11, whose day of fun turned into a… Read More

Thomond Feis Celebrates Irish Culture in Limerick

The Thomond Feis, a celebration of Irish culture and heritage, recently took place in the vibrant city of Limerick, drawing a large gathering of enthusiasts over three days from Friday to Sunday. This annual event, which aims to foster the Irish spirit and promote national pride, attracted participants and spectators… Read More

Labour Shortage in Limerick Impacts Harbour Operations

A delegation representing coal merchants from Limerick convened at Monday’s Harbour Board meeting to address the pressing issue of labour scarcity affecting dock operations. The delegation sought the adoption of mechanized solutions such as powered cranes to facilitate vessel unloading due to the dwindling availability of manual labour. The scarcity… Read More

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