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The Proclamation of Ireland (1916): A Defining Moment in Irish History

This video explores the significance of the Proclamation of Ireland, issued on Easter Monday in 1916 during the Easter Rising. It delves into the historical context surrounding Ireland’s struggle for independence from British rule, analysing the content and impact of the proclamation itself. Through archival footage, expert commentary, and visual… Read More


The rare atlas presents an intricately detailed engraved, uncoloured view of Limerick, offering comprehensive insights into its geographical, historical, governmental, resources and productions, financial and commercial, inhabitants, educational, and religious attributes. Accompanying the maps are several pages of descriptive text embellished with exquisitely engraved depictions of renowned landmarks, local landscapes,… Read More

Peter Stent (1653): Portrait of Oliver Cromwell”

The attribution “Peter Stent (1653)” suggests that the portrait of Oliver Cromwell was created by the artist Peter Stent in that year. This statement, combined with Cromwell’s titles as General of the forces of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Chancellor of the University of Oxford, and Lord Protector of England, Scotland,… Read More

1807: Richard Dighton’s Depiction of Ireland in Scotland

Richard Dighton’s artwork, “Ireland in Scotland, or a Trip from Oxford to the Land of Cakes,” created in 1807, captures a whimsical portrayal of cultural exchange and travel between Ireland and Scotland. This etching, hand-coloured and housed in The Cleveland Museum of Art, reflects the artistic trends of the early… Read More

1950s: Bank of Ireland and College Green, Dublin

During the 1950s, the Bank of Ireland and College Green remained prominent landmarks in Dublin, the capital of the Irish Republic. The Bank of Ireland, headquartered at College Green, symbolized the country’s financial sector and historical legacy. College Green, located in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, served as a… Read More

1865: Atlantic Telegraph Cable Fleet at Berehaven, Ireland

In 1865, the Atlantic Telegraph Cable fleet gathered at Berehaven, situated on the southwest coast of Ireland. This event marked a pivotal moment in global communication history, as it preceded the laying of the first successful transatlantic telegraph cable. The fleet’s assembly at Berehaven facilitated logistical preparations for the ambitious… Read More

Oliver Cromwell: English Statesman and Military Leader

Oliver Cromwell (1599–1658) was a prominent figure in English history, known for his role in the English Civil War and the subsequent establishment of the Commonwealth of England. As a skilled military leader, Cromwell led the Parliamentarian forces to victory against the Royalists, ultimately leading to the execution of King… Read More

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