Filming Limerick But Not In Limerick.

When Alan Parker made the decision to screen Frank McCourt’s bleak, impoverished autobiography in Limerick, in the west of Ireland, on the actual locations of the book, controversy erupted. Several of the locations were no longer as they were when the book was written, so in the end, a patchwork of Cork and Dublin locales, … Read more

The Struggles of the McCourt Family in Angela’s Ashes

The McCourt family in Angela’s Ashes faced extreme poverty throughout the novel. This poverty had a profound impact on the family, affecting their physical and mental health, their relationships, and their overall quality of life. The poverty of the McCourt family was so severe that it affected their physical health. The family was often malnourished, … Read more

The Humorous and Witty Mrs. McCourt

Angela McCourt’s journey in Angela’s Ashes is a powerful testament to the power of perseverance. Despite the extreme poverty and deprivation she and her family faced, Angela was able to find strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Through her story, Angela demonstrates the importance of never giving up, even in the face of … Read more

The Rise of the Limerick Women’s Tea Party Scene in the Early 1900s

a women’s tea party at athea co. limerick, c.1900s In the early 1900s, the Limerick Women’s Tea Party Scene began to rise in popularity. This was a unique social gathering that allowed women to come together and discuss a variety of topics, from politics to literature. The tea parties were often held in the homes … Read more

The Ancient History of Killaloe: Exploring the Prehistoric and Early Medieval Periods

Killaloe, a small town in County Clare, Ireland, has a long and fascinating history that stretches back to the prehistoric and early medieval periods. This ancient history is reflected in the archaeological remains that have been discovered in the area, as well as in the stories and legends that have been passed down through the … Read more

The Tanyard: A Look at the Lives of Limerick’s Leather Workers in the Early 1900s

The leather industry was an integral part of Limerick’s economy in the early 1900s. The tanyards, where leather was processed and prepared for use, were a hub of activity and employed a large number of people. While the tanners, who were responsible for the actual processing of the leather, were well-known, the other workers in … Read more

Ascot Terrace, Military Road, Now O’Connell Avenue, Limerick

Ascot Terrace, now known as O’Connell Avenue, is a street located in Limerick, Ireland. It has a long and varied history, which is reflective of the city’s development over the centuries. The street was originally known as Military Road, and was built in the late 18th century as part of the city’s fortifications. It was … Read more